About Crest

Crest Orthopedic is a medical device company with a focused mission: To improve the lives of orthopedic and neurologic spine patients whose quality of life is diminished by neck, back, or leg pain. We achieve this mission by inventing, designing, producing, and distributing high-quality, effective surgical devices.

As distributors of devices for neurological and orthopedic surgery, we strive to provide practical solutions to the challenges spine surgeons commonly face. We are dedicated to working tirelessly with researchers, engineers, physicians, and patients to advance the ever-evolving field of spine instrumentation.

Whether your specialty is minimally invasive or complex spine surgery, we offer premium surgical implants, instrumentation, and devices for a host of surgical procedures.

Our Products*

ALIF Interbody

Buttress Plate

ACDF Interbody

Cervical Plate


LLIF Interbody

Lateral Plate

MIS Pedicle Screw

Pedicle Screw

PLIF Interbody

TLIF Interbody

Ancillary Products

Andre - Multi-function suction device

Rascal - Radiopaque Anterior Spine Center Locator

Rascal - Radiopaque Anterior Spine Center Locator (Cervical)

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